Small Groups

Stanley pentecostal holiness church

Small Groups

Leader : Billy And Yolanda Puckett
Co-Host: Bobby and Karen Gann

Scripture calls christians to”be prepared” to give an answer to anyone who asks about the faith.Are you prepared?Or do you feel ill equipped?The facts of the resurrection, the reliability of the Bible, and the evidence for creation- all have solid proof that anyone can understand and share with all seeking hope. Join us us in this study, to be equipped and confident in our faith!

Dates and Times of Meeting: 1/12/202/23/20   5:307:30 pm

Contact: Billy Puckett 704-468-4210 or Karen Gann 704-718-1984

Place of Meeting: 307 Lanier Ave. Mount Holly, NC, 28120

Leader : Lamar Evans
Co-Host:Kristy Summey

It is vitally important that we think soundly about God. He is the foundation of all our religious beliefs, it follows that if we err in our ideas of God, we will go astray in everything else.

Title of Course Study: The Attributes of God (vol 1) A.W. Tozer

Place of Meeting: Kristy Summey Home

Leader:Emily And Devon Stone
Co-Host: Natalie and Quincy Gilliland


Scripture teaches that we are all made in the image of God. We don’t define ourselves; the creator does.This bible study will reveal biblical answers fundamental questions of identity so that you can discover all God has called you to be.

Dates and Time of Meeting: 1/5/202/23/20  4:306pm (every Sunday)

Contact:Emily Stone 919-530-0204

Title of Course of Study: Defined: who God says you are

Place of Meeting: youth Sunday school classroom

Leader : Rev. Stuart Baulding
Co-Host: Clay Anthony

This book club style group will discover what it means to have the creator love us. Its crazy to think that the God of the universe loves us with a radical, unconditional, self sacrificing love. Gods love is relentless. In this book we will find out just how crazy his love is. Because when you are wildly in love with someone, it changes you!

Dates and Time of Meeting: 1/5/202/23/20  6:00-7:30 pm (every Sunday)

Contact: Stuart Baulding

Title of Course Study: Crazy Love: overwhelmed by a relentless God

Place of Meeting: Clay Anthony’s House

Leader: Michael Bradley

This 5 week study introduces a man who is forced to live in a godless society. Each session includes real stories of people struggling in an ever-changing world.We study how Daniel lived in a similar world and how he can help us today.

Date and Time of Meeting: Stanley PHC Fellowship Hall  5:00 pm

Contact: Bonnie or Michael

Title of Course Study : Thriving in Babylon 

Place of Meeting: Fellowship Hall